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Cleaning Services for Auto Dealerships

If you operate an auto dealership, the cleanliness of your showroom and your entire facility is sure to be a priority. Royal Building Maintenance offers professional cleaning services to car dealerships of all sizes, and we know what it takes to make your business shine.

Serving the Unique Janitorial Needs of Auto Dealerships
Cleaning an auto dealership is unlike cleaning any other type of business. Your customers need to walk in and immediately experience a sense of brilliance in their surroundings. As you might expect, we concentrate our efforts on leaving windows and glass perfectly clean. We care for tile floors, concrete, and rubber and vinyl surfaces. Using industrial-strength cleaning products, we clean and sanitize your showroom, service areas, restrooms, employee break room, reception desk, and back offices.

A Clean, Polished Showroom to Complement your Vehicles

At Royal Building Maintenance, we like to think of a car dealership showroom as an enormous display case. From floor to ceiling, every nook and cranny must be spotless, so your customers’ attention remains focused where it belongs – on your vehicles. Professional cleanings are imperative, especially for dealerships offering complementary coffee and snacks in their showroom. Do not let a poorly cleaned showroom sabotage your customer service and salesmanship efforts. We are here to help.

The Appearance of your Dealership can Provide a Competitive Edge

As you know, selling automobiles is extremely competitive. In fact, in this internet age, the overhead associated with maintaining a “brick and mortar” facility has forced numerous dealerships out of business, right here in our community. In order for a dealership to thrive, each business relationship matters. We have seen the positive impact that our affordable, high-quality cleaning services have made for our other clients. We want to be part of your success as well. Let us help you save money and make a strong first impression on every customer that walks through the door.